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Centrifugal Electric provides 22 kW on-board charger for Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 ago

Nissan Leaf when loading at a public charging station type2 Photo: Kreisel Electric GmbH

Nissan Leaf when loading at a public charging station type2 Photo: Kreisel Electric GmbH

The Nissan Leaf allows fast charging only on the standard built CHAdeMO interface. Centrifugal Electric has developed a loading facility for the Leaf and the e-NV200, with which the 24 kWh battery with 22 kW (AC) can be charged in just one hour.

The all-electric Nissan Leaf can be used both with direct current (DC) and AC (AC) charge. At CHAdeMO charging stations it takes ca. 30 min. until the battery 80 % reached its capacity. In Austria and Germany, however, such charging stations are very scarce and privately to install a CHAdeMO charger costs more than ten times a wall box for AC.

Accelerated charging at any Type 2 charging station or CEE socket

At public type2 charging stations or at home the Nissan Leaf can usually only with max. 4,6 kW laden, what a load time of ca. 5 Std. corresponds to. To the Leaf and the increasingly widespread type 2 charging stations with 22 make accessible kW, Centrifugal Electric has developed an on-board charger, which can be retrofitted to any Nissan Leaf or e-NV200. The charging time is shorter if characterized 22 kW at ca. one hour.

    Type2 Inlet instead of the standard type 1 connector on the Nissan Leaf Photo: Kreisel Electric GmbH

Type2 Inlet instead of the standard type 1 connector on the Nissan Leaf Photo: Kreisel Electric GmbH

Compared with conventional type 2 interfaces can be loaded as a further highlight directly to three-phase CEE 16A sockets. Gyro provides this to the appropriate cable, which works without ICCB unit or upstream wall box.

Presentation of the gyro 22 kW charger with the electric car meeting the EMC in Baumgartenberg

EMC Stammtisch

Bernhard core, President of 1. Austrian electromobility Club Austria demonstrates the new charging option his Nissan Leaf Photo: Kreisel Electric GmbH

For the first time the new charging system was on Saturday, the 11. April Baumgartenberg / Upper Austria presented to the public with the electric car-Stammtisch of First Austrian Electric Mobility Club based on a Nissan Leaf.

The type 2 Ladeinlet is instead the type 1 Inlet installed. This immediately ordered load option each leaf driver extends the radius, the long-distance comfort of its electric cars enormously. The Type 2 charging package for € 7.500 incl. VAT. at centrifugal Electric to order now. Included in the price are fitted in a Nissan Leaf or Nissan e-NV200, a detailed functional test and two-year warranty.

Specifications for type2 Charger centrifugal

specifications centrifugal supercharger Leaf



  1. hoeoetmann says:

    Gut, and now a load strength, that adapts to the PV generation and power supply option into the house network.

    • it requires only the right wall box. Z.B. the Mennekes Amtron in combination with the Sunny Home Manager. I so realized for me with the Renault ZOE (which is a little more difficult).

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  3. Since centrifugal Electric works very much with Brusa technique should there be behind even the 22kW charger from Brusa, its software interface has been adapted to the Nissan battery. I can only hope, that there is the charger future in series! With the number of units it is then also a little cheaper.

  4. Why just the Nissan times even something to block, is still better with 22KW zuladen as the DC Storm of 50KW.
    Thanks to the centrifugal team that you have the courage to change the electric car market to posetiven. I'm still very interested in the eCaddy :)

  5. Super neck, if Brusa is on board, could soon also a 22kW-type2 charge for i3, eUP, eGolf und die anderen Einphaser geben. In 3-5 Jahren hoffe ich auf einen Austauschakku von Brusa oder Tesla z.B. für Renault, Mitsubishi, etc. Das wäre endlich etwas realer Wettbewerb.

    • Austauschakkus von 3-Anbietern wäre wirklich ein interessanter Markt. Bedingung ist natürlich, dass diese in den bestehenden Akkukasten Platz haben müssen und durch eine höhere Leistungsdichte und geringeres Volumen punkten könnnen.

      Dazu passt auch dieser Bericht über Kreisels neue Akkus bestens dazu:

      • Michael Obermeier says:

        Das kann schon sein das Kreisel so eine Battetie entwickelt hataber über den Preis sagen die absolut nichtshsbe mrhrereails geschrieben aber mir wurde immer so geantwortet das ich danach genauso viel-wenig wußte wie vorher . . .
        They advertise great with different modules but about the price no syllable
        Less volume and weight should also mean that the costs are therefore less . . .
        When you pay per KWh Leaf 270.- at 13kg per KWh
        According centrifugal weight their Natterie should lie bei4,2 kg per KWh
        In my opinion, the only unleistbaren „spielereien“ interested – who needs a ePorsche ?
        Vehicles for the average consumer really needs the Planet so that action can be taken against climate change
        It should be so that you can choose between e-Office actuator or engine BECAUSE the price is equal to . . .

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  7. Michael Obermaier says:

    €7.500.- ?? !!
    But yes gets shon a brand new small car !!!

    Since it is better to wait when the new batteries come – allegedly 2016
    Same price equal weight double KW
    As you then make it even with a cargo safely until the next CHAdeMO charging stations where loads with 50KW
    These „invention“ is probably more than superfluous and again only for the well-heeled

    Pure rip nothing else . . .


    • Hi Michael – Markus Kreisel writes in a comment following this:

      „Bzgl. Price for 22 kW Charger is currently not favorable to realize in small quantities. Is important, the quality has to match and for many is the 22 kW Charger a real asset. The already very good Nissan has become so something for everyday use. Clearly the focus is the "Normalobürger"“

      So ... by „rip“ there can be no question.

      • Michael Obermeier says:

        No matter – googling times „Tesla power storage“
        Now it finally goes ahead :-)

        • This current memory check it out great. But to match the post here, you can use it to charge no Leaf ;-)
          And yes it's true, the price is still a bit too high. Abr would as already written it a) at the time that manufacturers / importers to jump on it and b) the price with higher numbers better.

          greetings, Thomas

          • Michael Obermeier says:

            The point is that you can save money for a charger and it may be investing for a new more powerful battery – with you just go easy on a fast charger (50KW) comes to rapid charger

    • Rolf Fonnemann says:

      With my leaf of the first generation of centrifugal conversion is certainly the next step
      Because my colleague Max with his old Renault Clio Electric Although only 70 km range has, but in that it can load much faster 3phase from Feldkirch to Furstenfeldbruck
      can go when I, because with a full boot and winter tires, the range is enormously shortened, and the entire route is not only quick charging option for my Leaf, but enough type2 22kw charging stations

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  9. In itself it sounds exciting and gyro itself appoints two-year warranty, but on what everything exactly? Because the manufacturer itself is logically less enthusiastic and it could accordingly problems with the warranty from the manufacturer giving. Is there the effect any information?

  10. hi Guys!

    wanted to drop short, ob der 22kW lader auch bei dem renault kangoo ze
    eingebaut werden kann? wie reagiert die renault bank darauf, weil der akku nur geleast ist?
    weiters: ich bin mir sicher, dass viele kangoo besitzer dies machen lassen, wenn
    der preis moderater ist und die renault bank nicht dazwieschenfunkt!

    • Michael Obermeier says:

      Der Lader kostet 7.500.- Spar dir das Geld für nächstes Jahr auf dann kannst dir ne größere Baterrie kaufendie Reichweite bringts und nicht das schnelladen . . .

      • hallo michael,
        danke für deinen tip. der nützt mir halt gar nichts!
        die renault bank lässt mich sicher nicht aus dem akku-mietvertrag
        aussteigen. er läuft noch zwei jahrepro monat sind 90€ zu zahlen….

        ich kann den akku nicht kaufen. was dürfte er dann kosten?
        und beim renault händler interessiert das niemanden.

        and: was würde denn eine grösserer akku kosten?
        sagen wir mal mit 44kW.

        WO sollte ich denn so einen akku kaufen??

        bin sehr, sehr frustriert

        • und mit antworten wird hier sehr gespart….
          elektromobilität, quo vadis?

        • Hallo Andreas,
          tut mir leid, wenn du noch nicht die richtigen Antworten gefunden hast. Leider schaffen wir es auch nicht immer auf alle Kommentare zu reagieren. ;-)

          Ich kenne die Kreisel alle persönlich und sie sind echt sehr innovativ und vor allem an extrem vielen Projekten dran.
          Deswegen können sie auch derzeit keine 22 kW-Lader für andere Modelle als Leaf und e-NV 200 anbieten.

          Ich finde es auch sehr enttäuschend, dass Renault den Kangoo Z.E. nicht mal ENDLICH mit Chameleon-Charger anbietet. Man hat auch in diese Richtung nicht wirklich etwas.

          Bzgl. Batterie bei Renault kaufen: Sonnleitner in Linz-Urfahr has found a solution to offer ZOE also buy battery – look here:

          You might wonder there times after – possibly. can you at Kangoo Z.E. continue to help.

          Bzgl. a larger battery by a third party: Whether you can get off at the battery rental of Renault or. can return the battery, is of course an interesting question. I imagine difficult. But would interest me for my ZOE also.

          I can imagine but, that in an existing electric car, it may even be more difficult to install a different battery than planned factory. Since there is, finally, the software and the Internet connection to Renault, which could as likely cause problems. A gasoline car „core“, ie the Verbrennerantriebsstrang remove and rebuild everything on electric car, is there maybe even easier.

          Ultimately, however, enormous costs are incurring. Whether not it would be more reasonable for you almost, the Kangoo for sale and e.g.. the Nissan e-NV 200 switch over – who innately also CHAdeMO on board and also better reach.

          Hopefully this will help you a bit further.

          E-mobile greetings,
          Volker Adamietz

          • hello PERKINS!

            Please excuse me, when I'm impatient.

            I've just before you an e-mail

            maybe I really need my
            kangoo sale…

            because the battery rent I'm going to a
            Write letter to renault banque in vienna.

            I'm curious, what I get for an answer.

            thank you for your work!!


          • hello PERKINS!

            I have just the prices from nissan eNV200
            looked on

            der günstigste kostet bei die 25000€.

            also das doppelte wie für meinen renault

            die frage des kaufens hat sich für mich erübrigt!

            da nehme ich längere ladezeiten hin.
            es nützt nichts.


    • Kreisel Electric arbeitet auch an passenden Lösung für andere Fahrzeuge, derzeit ist dies jedoch nur für Nissan Leaf oder e-NV200 verfügbar.

      Am besten auch mal bei Kreisel direkt anfragen.

  11. Rolf Fonnemann says:

    Bei der Eruda in Fürstenfeldbruck waren wir uns alle einig, nicht die Reichweite ist wichtig sondern die schnellere Lademöglichkeit!
    In einem Land wie Bayern wo wir wenns hochkommt 5 Ladestationen gefunden haben die ohne Vertrag nutzbar sind nutzt eine größere Batterie nix wenn man nicht die Zeit hat sie aufzuladen
    Wir haben für eine Strecke von Fürstenfeldbruck über Bad Wörizhofen und Leutkirch nach Bregenz 6,5 Stunden gebraucht, denn mit nur 3, 7 kw Laderei one stands forever on the column
    There have of course much easier Zoes
    But the new Leaf has not been on the charging option 22 let Kw changed so I will rebuild my old Leaf because 70 000 km are degrees times a small part of the I still want to do with my

    • Michael Obermeier says:

      Have a little patience – am from Salzburg and the next rapid charger was Irschenberg . . .
      There are now around 6 Tripple loaders in Piding is not yet in operation but at least now the next fastloader 5 minutes
      Look you times on the New Motion website – the handlers currently shooting right out of the ground like mushrooms
      Was almost because my Leaf remodel . . .
      Now I have many Teuros saved me
      In Austria you can already „free Bewgen“ mit seinem eAuto weil es genug Tripple Lader gibt

  12. Die Idee ist toll aber warum so teuer??? Bei bike-energy gibts ein Heimladegerät LINE L1C um 699,
    Mehr unter:

    • Michael Obermeier says:

      Tja man sollte schon wissen um was es hier genau geht bevor man was postet . .
      Hier geht es um ein Gleichstrom Ladegerät und nicht um einen 3Phasen Wechselstrom Anschluß . . .

      • @ Michael: Bevor du deinen Vorredner zurechtweist, solltest den Bericht vielleicht selbst noch mal aufmerksam lesen. ;-)

        Es geht um einen Typ2-Anschluss mit 22 kW-Wechselstrom-Ladegerät. Mit Gleichstrom kann der Leaf sowieso ladenjedoch nur über die Chademo-Schnittstelle.

        Bei Wechselstrom (AC) ist das Ladegerät bei Elektroautos immer im Auto verbautTyp1 oder Typ2-Stecker in seltenen Fällen auch Schuko oder CEE.

        Bei Gleichstrom (DC) ist das Ladegerät extern. This has mainly to do with the size of such chargers, In addition, it is technically more complex and DC charging stations are VERY expensive.

        • Michael Obermeier says:

          Before DU lambasting me should know that I drive a Leaf and I weiswovon exactly I write . . .
          I it WhiteThe here to TAG on a 22KW charger goes which is then operated for a Type 2 connector, not to a type 2 wall box to 7500.- going. . .

    • This „Heimladegerät“ is a wall box, enabling accelerated electric cars with Type 2 connector to load. These wall box works only with cars, the
      1.) a type 2 connection (plug) have and
      2.) have installed the necessary for this on-board charger.

      Just these two things are missing the Leaf series and gyro has with this „Charging Kit“ just developed a solution to.

      „Wallboxes“ for Wechselstsrom are often referred to as charging stations. Strictly speaking, they are not the, the actual charger is located in the car. A wall box is basically only one outlet intellegente, which communicates with the car, regulates the current, possibly. are the current intensities adjustable and especially it also has several important security features, the household electrical circuit to safeguard against erroneous currents (FI TypB).

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